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Allods Online is a free to play multiplayer online role-playing game
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Allods Online is a free to play multiplayer online role-playing game. In contrast to other mmo games, this one is really centered around its story, and the storytelling is designed quite well. It has an original fantasy setting, I can describe it as a combination between epic medieval settings like Lord of the Rings and the futuristic space setting of something like Star Trek.

The story is focused around islands in space called Allods, which were formed after the destruction of a planet. There are two main opposing factions which you can choose from: The empire and the League. Each of them have 3 races and each race has many classes. All classes differ from each other both in gameplay and design.

The character creation process is not very detailed and you will often find look-a-likes in the game, however the game is more focused on items and since the items cover most of the body, players will try to distinguish themselves through items.

The gameplay is similar to every other MMO game. It involves a lot of grinding, a lot of quests and besides the good storyline, nothing to really make it stand out. The graphics are good and the game overall has a nice design with wonderful artwork.

The first things that really pop up when you enter the game, are the similarities between Allods online and World of Warcraft. If you are familiar with WoW, then Allods online might seem like a clone. I think that the designers were heavily inspired by WoW, however they also added different features and a lot of fantasy content to try and keep it original. In any case the fact that Allods online is free to play is still a plus for me.

Dennis Niels
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  • Good graphics
  • Nice gameplay
  • Decent storyline


  • It has a Pay-to-win system
  • A lot of grinding
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